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SummerFest is getting a new name on Oct 26, 2013!

"Celebrate the Creative Spirit"

July 7 – 13, 2014

**This page is under development. Most information on the page is from 2013**This festival promotes an open, accepting and safe environment giving participants the freedom to have fun and celebrate the creative spirit in all of us. The festival takes place the week BEFORE Sirius Rising. The focus has been on community and frivolity, while embracing different learning paths from specialized tutors. Sirius Rising focuses on ritual and elemental aspects whereas this festival has more focus on the following three things: 1. Having fun and being creative 2. Learning different pathways 3. Sharing within our community. So whether you are interested in more focused workshop experience or simply relaxing and having fun, come and enjoy a great time with the Brushwood community. There are over 100 performances and workshops.

Workshop Types

Performances All Week

There's entertainment every evening on the Main Pavilion stage.

July 22
Movie Night "All Welcome!"
July 23
Andre and the Giants
Big Band, Jazz, Dixieland, Rock 'n' Roll, Standards and Country. Come with your requests and be ready for a GOOD TIME!
July 24
Ginger Doss Band
Riding the Rhythmic Flow of Body Mind and Soul.
July 24
Gong Wash
Creating a sanctuary space using ancient methods of vibrational harmonic immersions to to relax, rejuvenate and restore focus to the human mind, body and spirit. Bring lounge, sleeping bag, blankets...
July 25
Community Dance Performance, Choreographed by Sera Solstice
Tribal and cabarete belly dancing are featured, but all dancers are welcome.
July 25
Kenny Klein's Darwin's Monkey Wrench
Blues, Jugband and New Olreans Jazz styles, all centered around Pagan and Voodoo lyrics
July 26
Kabarett Vulgare
Burlesque Show
July 26
Phat Man Dee
Original and classic jazz with just a twist of dementia and comedic burlesque
July 27
Salsa Dance Party with one of Pittsburgh's all-time greatest Salsa bands. Salsa your way to the bonfire
July 27
Saturday Celebration
“Carnival” Style drumming and dancing until dawn.

Except where noted, performances are in the Main Pavilion and begin at 9:30 p.m.

At the Didge Dome

Most evenings Enjoy the cool groove at the Didge Dome
Watch for postings at the Didge Dome for performances (or sign up if you would like to perform).
Date TBD

SummerFest Registration and Fees

Arriving Monday $150 each
Arriving Tuesday $130 each
Arriving Wednesday $110 each
Arriving Thursday $90 each
Arriving Friday $70 each
Arriving Saturday $35 each

Remember to bring with you

Food is available onsite


For the comfort and safety of everyone, we don't allow dogs at Brushwood. Please call before your visit for information about kennels in the area where you can board your pet during your stay at Brushwood.


The Sirius Rising vending fee is $45.00. SummerFest vending fee is $45.00. (Pay $45.00 for Sirius Rising and SummerFest vending fees are FREE.) Regular camping fees apply before Sirius and after Brushwood SummerFest.

See the Merchants information page for sales tax and insurance requirements.

Stay tuned in...all through the festival!

Information, music, live performances and storytelling

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