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Brushwood 2015 Workshop Proposal

Brushwood 2015 Workshop Proposal

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Please note: If you are applying to present workshops at Sirius Rising or SanKofa Fest, submit 3 workshops per festival that are between 75 - 90 minutes in duration. Please include special instructions to participants,  for example prerequisites, what to bring, how to prepare, any material fees, etc.

Are there special requirements for you to present your workshop (e.g., water, electric, good light, other).  You may  include a note to the organizers here.

Please included qualifications related to proposed workshops.

If you have a personal or business webpage or Facebook page with information about your workshops and qualifications, please add the URL here.

Workshops start Monday at 9:00 am.  Please indicate the day you will be on site and ready to present your workshop.  Preference may be given to those available on Monday.

You must submit an application for each festival/event.  You will receive a confirmation email indicating that your application is submitted within 24 hours.