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Brushwood Merchant Information

If you are vending at Brushwood, you must have a current NYS Sales Tax Certificate of Authority displayed at your booth. To get your New York state vending number: Call 1-800-972-1233 and request Pub 750 A Guide to Sales Tax in NYS which includes an application form (Form DTF-17) for a sales tax vendor number. If you are not a New York resident, apply for a temporary tax number.

Forms are available by fax. You can order them at 1-800-462-8100. You can also find information on the NY State Dept. of Taxation and Finance website. If you are applying for a temporary tax number, be sure to fill in both the start date and the end date on the application form. Be sure to apply early. The paperwork takes time.

All vendors must have liability insurance. Brushwood Folklore Center, LLC is to be named third party insured. The amount suggested, but not limited to, is $50,000.

Merchants may sell only non-food items.

All merchants must have a fire extinguisher at their booths. This extinguisher must be easily accessible to you and to others in case of fire.

Vending spaces are 20′ x 20′. You may camp in your vending space if you wish. Only one vehicle per merchant allowed on site. It must be kept within this 20′ x 20′ area. All your ropes and stakes for you tent and booth must be clearly marked and must be kept within your 20′ x 20′ area.

Tattoo artists must apply to and be certified by the Chautauqua County Department of Health, Mayville, NY. Telephone number is 716-753-4481. No certification, do not set up.

“Energy Workers” must use disinfectant wipes or rubbing alcohol wipes. An “energy worker” should not touch the client’s body in anyway unless it is fully explained to the client when and how the body is to be touched before doing so and then with explicit permission.

Set up 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Large vehicles not allowed to drive on site at night. Restricted areas apply. Check before setting up your booth. No part of your vending or camping setup or your vehicle may block any part of any road or path. NO generators. NO ghost camps. Someone must be in attendance at a claimed merchant space. NO reserved space guaranteed. Get along with your neighbor.

The fee for electricity for your vending site is $10.00 per day.Electricity is limited. If available, you may plug in one and only one, 3-pronged extension cord that you bury. Plan to use no more than 5 amps. NO air conditioners, refrigerators, water heaters, ovens, space heaters or other excessive use items.

The fee for large RVs is $15.00 per day.